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NEWU has R&D centers in Beijing & Shanghai, and experimental centers in Anhui & Tianjin.They are focusing on intelligent equipments, intelligent control system, enviromental technology and information software.

In the research centers, there are about 70 research staff, which is 15% of NEWU's employees. 70% of the research team have graduated degrees.

The research centers follow the concetp of innovation, practical & high quality, pursuing the high quality and performance for the customers. Until the end of 2016, NEW has achieved over 150 patents and software copyrights, participated in 5 national standards establishment(leading 3 of them). The successful R&D projects, one-stop rubber mixing system 4.0 and auto production line of integral rubber by wet mixing, have led the industrial revolution. Besides, there are many other achievements, such as technology sharing platform, information management syste(MES) and waste gas treatment system.


NEWU is headquarted in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park. It is certificated as Beijing Enterprise Technology Center.It is mainly focusing on the new products and application.


It is loacated in the National University Science and Technology Park of Changning District.The team is consist of experience experts in industry focusing on the advanced technology.


The ceter is loacated in Wuhu. It has many analysis and experimental equipments and adequate technical staff. The envriomental lab covers over 500㎡, carrying the environmental analysis, trial-manufacturing and other tests.


The center is located in Tianjin. There is a trial production line of pneumatic transportation. Besides, a waste analysis lab is established here.

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