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Careers ahead:

A clear path is established fromtechnician, assistant engineer, engineer, senior engineer to chief engineer. Thereare clear standards for each level and promotion qualifications. As chiefengineer, one will lead a team independently and have an opportunity to jointhe management.


Through NEWU’s clear and fair evaluationsystem, employees’ every effort will be encouraged and rewarded.


Practice is the best teacher. With ourprofessional team, you will face the challenges from the customers all over theworld and gain valuable experience in the project.


Wehave a multi-dimension training system. After joining NEWU, you will receivepractices sharing, theme training, self learning, project communication, etc.You will learn our newest and most advanced technology and experience.

Our spirits: 


NEWU is successful in design andmanufacturing equipments used in environmental, petrochemical, buildingmaterials, pharmacy, chemical and other industries. We are doing our best tobecome a greater company, which will serve the industry further.



The working atmosphere in NEWU is open,efficient and borderless. Everyone here is focusing on the her/his task.



The NEWU’s management system is evolvedafter many years’ practice. In NEWU, people in different positions cooperatewith each other to fulfill the common target.



Honesty and trust are NEWU’s characters. Werespect our profession. We fulfill our duties to repay the society.


We need you if you believe in above!

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